Shadow Boost new terms agreement.

  • 16 June 2021
  • 6 replies

I recently got an email that my subscription will be cancelled unless I agree to the new price of $29.99 a month. When I click on the link and log in it only lets me decline and cancel my subscription. How to do i fix this.

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6 replies

I have the same problem. 

You have to tick the accept “terms and conditions” box before you can accept the new price.

Whoever decided a white box on a white background was a good idea, is an idiot.

I also lost my shadow access no clear actions to take on the new page, even tried again and only found my cancelled subscription. I am not going to lie, very disappointed at this point.

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@Enquier I am not going to lie, you could have accepted the terms. If you had issues with that Support is always an option. I believe there was more than enough time and more than enough emails.

@Phobos if it wasn’t clear, as far as I knew I clicked and accepted the terms.

You are being unnecessarily confrontational about a process that had obvious flaws for something so consequential. It lacked clarity, had a poor UI (see discussion of button unclear to click), unclear confirmation of terms were accepted and eventually poor communication of account closure without a clear path to remedy.


I am on yr commitment I got email saying they would be changing the plan to $30 bucks per month and a emial would follow on how to do it.

Well I got no email & my plan did not change on the web page

Yesterday the bank processed shadow for $14.98 shadow + 250g extra storage.

Does this mean shadow will be honer the 1yr commitment  in the US

Maybe because of litigation ;)