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  • 23 November 2020
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Hello Shadow,


as you know, there are not only Koreans looking to try the Korea DC.

I am talking about Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries that can use the Korea DC. 


I am in Japan and have a ping of >100 to California DC but <30 to Seoul. 

Thats why I would like to try the Korea DC. 


Right now, OPQR is running a pre-experience group for Korea, here:


You need an LG Notebook and a Korean cellphone number to participate. 



Could you please share some invite codes with us, people who are in Asia, but not in Korea and do not have a Korean cellphone number? We can “pre-experience” test this DC for other countries in Asia. 


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Another person in Japan connecting to California who would 100% be interested. I have a friend who is also looking to sign up & isn’t sure whether to wait for Korea to open up for Japanese residents.

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Thanks for the feedback.