Shadow Tech unethic business practices, taking my money when never used there service

  • 5 March 2021
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I wanted to trial their service last June I signed up but then it said there is a waiting list. 6 months later, who remembers 6 months ago, they started taking money from my account, I only found out in march when reviewing my bank statement.

I asked for Fairness as I did not use the service and did not even know they had activated my service. I asked kindly several times for fairness as I did not know more consume anything. Which if someone takes your money without your knowledge and you got nothing in return, that is plain virtual stealing.

They where not even willing to give one or 2 months refund as a compromise.

I paid for a lot of subscription services in my time and this disregard for their client and unfairness, not even Microsoft does (they refunded me in the past).

In a world where we all have multiple subscription services it hard to keep track, especially if 6 months later Shadow decides to active my account!!

Very disappointed for such unethical business practices.


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Well you bought something and therefore you have to pay.. obviously. I think that is your own fault. Also.. This is a community help forum. People in here cannot help you with your issue, so please contact support for that.