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  • 25 December 2020
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So I signed up for the newsletter to be informed when Ultra and Infinite is available. Shortly after, I noticed on my account page I was able to upgrade to Ultra, said it would take 2 hours. Does that mean I can officially upgrade, and would it upgrade even though it Christmas day? Not a big deal if it doesn’t but I want to lay claim to a machine before anyone else gets it lol!


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By this time, Ultra and Infinite are gone from your account. It is first come, first serve. When you saw the upgrade option, it is highly recommended that you rush and take advantage. If you did not upgrade at this time, it may be a significant wait until the next opportunity. 

To answer your question, Yes. After your purchase goes through, your shadow Ultra/Infinite will be available to use within the two hour window.  

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@Hovscorpion12 Ultra is still available in an ongoing basis in CH and TX. Infinite not.

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Yes, I went ahead and upgraded and was ready almost instantly.