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  • 23 January 2021
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I've been a customer since 2018 and it's been over a year since I stopped using Shadow as my primary workstation.

Basically, I continue to pay for a service that no longer meets my needs, because like many people, I have been waiting for the release of the next configurations for over a year.

I paid Shadow Legacy + Storage at € 32.90 until November 2020, the Boost offer being unavailable and grayed out in my customer area.

I posted in November 2020 to say I was having a little trouble, they offered to shift my Shadow Legacy payment date, no support info to tell me if I was eligible for a Boost offer.

I sent a ticket in December 2020 to reduce my Infinite bill by subscribing:
"If you want to have a subscription with commitment at € 39.99, I recommend that you choose the Boost plan with commitment at € 12.99 / month!"

Did you get the idea? I told myself that it was a little victory before having the new configurations. Now I wake up and think they got me.

10 months at € 32.90 instead of € 12.99 (~ € 200 overpayment i.e. 15 months subscription at the current price of the Boost offer) + a one-year contract with Boost.

We are in January 2021 and still 0 information.

I really feel like a big cash cow and these offerings look like carrots.

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Okay so if I understand that correctly.. Boost was out for 12.99$ with the same hardware and benefits as Legacy which is 30$. And you never switched to Boost and are stuck on Legacy for whatever reason. I didn’t understand completely but I will give you some information that could help.. More or less

You had/have the option to change your contract at any time. Since shadow can’t just change your contract you have to do that on your own.

I am pretty sure that you will not get your money back, but you can still try to contact support.

Infinite is only available in CH and TX datacenter right now.

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Hello Phobos, I was not expecting an answer or a solution.
I just wanted to point out the issues that will cause me to leave this service very soon.

It is indeed Shadow who modified my contract in December when I asked to subscribe for infinite, I could not do it alone.