Should we make a petition and take shadow to court?

  • 25 August 2021
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No one wants to pay for something and not receive what they paid for. When will the moving dates end?? So say this company has gotten thousands of new users recently and it's not giving ANY of them what they paid for. What if they keep doing this for 2 years to come? No! There not going to say "Pay us and we will play and use your money while we tell you to wait indefinitely." and just get away with doing that. THAT'S BUSINESS 101


So who thinks making a petition of everyone that feels shadow has done them wrong is a good idea? 

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3 replies

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I agree

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Taking them to court? You can’t possibly be serious. Who is going to pay for the lawyers? Assuming anyone wanted to pony up the dough for that, you’re forgetting that most companies put an arbitration clause in the terms and conditions saying you can’t sue them. I -like many people- haven’t read the Shadow terms and conditions, but I’d stake a paycheck on that clause being in there.

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Please take time to read what you signed up for. Pre-orders are just that pre-orders the product comes when it comes and may be subject to delays for a variety of reasons. If you are un-happy about your pre-order you are welcome to cancel for a full refund of the purchase price. -Gelgoog

I am locking the thread. If you wish to proceed with legal action take time to read what you agreed to in the terms and conditions over with your lawyer so they know where to send the legal papers to.