Still waiting for my extra HDD space, already booked and paid.

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My HDD Space change/upgrade is stuck in my backend.

I had 512GB before, wanted to change to 1tb.

Now it shows me for a week :


+512 GB
Festplattenspeichererweiterung +5,98€/Monat
Deinstalliere Festplattenspeicher ...
+1.00 TB
Festplattenspeichererweiterung +11,96€/Monat
Installiere Festplattenspeicher …


In shadow I have 512GB extra space on second Disk.


I mean, why am I paying for something I never received?


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We cannot help here, contact support. Also see if the disk maybe shows up in your disk management, sometimes they are just not partitioned.

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May I ask what the point of a forum is, that is maintained by techies from the shadow team, and called: Get Help - Activation, Account & Billing

I need help, with my activation that I was billed for.

Call me ignorant, but thats the literal meaning of those words. I think they fit extremely well with my exact problem.

If the answer is “write support”, why need a support forum?


Thanks for the idea to check partitions, thats not it though, I already suspected something like this, but it isnt. 

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Hey @livin 
This is a community forum. Most people here don’t work for shadow. They are just here for troubleshooting and informing. Only support can help you with this kind of issue. So if you have already checked your disk management (in fullscreen) feel free to create a ticket.