• 1 April 2022
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I just renewed my subscription after it was on hold and I was logged in. Then saw that I can finally purchase storage so I bought it. Do I have to wait to migrate to the new data center and is the storage upgrade a brand new drive instead of replacing the current D drive and losing all my valuable important files?

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Hey there @Vespex, if you see the option to purchase additional storage, that means you’re on an OVH owned data center and you can go ahead and add more storage.


I've included our Storage FAQ below to give you a better understanding of how storage works:


Once your order is confirmed, you must shut down Windows and reboot it in order to activate your additional storage on Shadow. Also, it will show up as a (D:) drive instead of being part of your (C:) drive.


If you currently have additional storage, you can add or remove your additional storage from your account page. Removing any amount of additional storage will delete all the files on your (D:) drive. Adding additional storage should not delete your files, but there is a small but rare chance that this can happen. You’ll need to agree to the changes made before you can proceed with it. 


I highly recommend backing up your data on Shadow using cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc: