Switching datacenters and owning 2 accounts

  • 14 December 2021
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Hello fellow Shadowers and support team!

I own a Shadow account located in Germany (or I guess Amsterdam, by checking here

So, I am moving from Germany to France and I want my datacenter to be there.

Can I have 2 shadows accounts, one In Germany and one in France and keep them both?

The idea is to buy a second account located in France, test it out and if it behaves well, then leave the Germany one and keep the France one.

From what I understood, switching account it’s impossible,  and it’s not really an option for me anyway.

Can I own 2 shadow accounts?


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Hey @Mastrolindo 

Technically, per terms of use one user may only have one account, but there is no way for Shadow to enforce this. Especially in your case, when moving you have no choice but to create a new account, and I can’t imagine Shadow not tolerating it. If you want to make sure, you can create a support ticket and ask Shadow support about your specific case.



Actually I’ve been stopped trying because someone on Discord server put some doubts in me too.
I’ve opened a ticket as suggested and the outcome looks good.
This is what the support said to me:



Thanks for contacting us !

Actually, you cannot have 2 Shadow on the same account.

But you can totally create a new french account with a french postal address and begin a new subscription in France in parallel of your other subscription.

Note that you cannot preorder a new Shadow on a different country on the same account.

Every Shadow account is "linked" to a country and a currency.

Hoping a responded to your questions, I'll now close this ticket!

Have a good day ! 


So it looks like it’s totally possible to own more than 1 account.


Thank you.