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  • 24 December 2020
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Hi there,

I purchased a Shadow Boost in the Dallas, TX data center yesterday (22 December) and my account says it will be ready 14 January.

However, the weekly activation post from 21 December (here) states that activations this week will be available “within 24 hours,” “depending on peak usage.” It then goes on to state that activations after 13 December would be activated “by early January.”

Which is it? 14 January, as my account says, or within 24 hours?

Thank you very much! Super excited!


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Your activation will take place in Jan. Per the link provided, since you pre-ordered on Dec 22nd, that is after the December 13th date. 


Activations this week:

Within 24 hours*

If pre-order date is December 13th or later:

Activation by early January 2021