The price jump is ridiculous if we aren't being offered a reason to pay.

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I’m sorry, but I am not going to pay 29.99 for the exact same PC. Either you guys show some transparency on why in god’s name you’d up the price and eliminate the other options, or I, and I’m sure many others, will be cancelling.

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I hope so, then there will be a increase in server ability, and people who actually want to use it for gaming. Not people who tie it up with god knows what other than gaming, because they are too cheap to go buy a dedicated server. Shadow would be much better with a higher price, and less users, than just a bunch of people paying 10 bucks, and using it as a dedicated server.

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What a joke.. imagine just doubling your charge it’s laughable - had it gone to £20 I might have considered but £30 and no spec increase or benefits or real explanation then sadly this is pointless and who’d know when they’d just want to double it again..

I agree with everything said above. The thing is I got the money for the pc, but I am using an imac and wanted to keep the clean look of the desktop while still having a possibility to play some games from time to time. However even 2-3 years ago this Boost configuration was already outdated and most people were just waiting to get some upgrade to it. I don’t see why a customer should be paying double of the price and not getting something back just to save this company from getting bankrupt. The only option to keep the customers happy would be to get a credit and pump even more money into this project and finally upgrade the hardware. I don’t see how a company would survive now by upping the price and loosing most of the customers now. Thanks for nothing. Bye

100% agree. I got miself an Xbox series x with a Gamepass Subscription. Top deal, saves you alot of money and also affordable. ShadowPC should've though, why in the Name of god would we use a Cloud-Gaming Platform in the first place ?? Simply because not every one is capable of affording a highend Gaming PC. 

Idk. 30€/month for a PC which is not even capable of Raytracing is not a good deal at all.

Unsubscribed. A shame but it was no longer a viable expense. I was also initially turned off by the auto-shutdown feature they implemented during lockdown. 30 mins was just too short and I lost a lot of game progress from this.

Best of luck in the future however. You may need it.

The reason to pay is simple: The alternative is for them to close shop and sell their assets to pay their debt.

They literally ran out of money to burn and had to sell the company to an investor who thinks they can turn it from a money burning operation to something that can at least pay for itself.

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I can send you a few lines of the recap of the recent and future events at shadow:

Shadow was required to increase the price of the subscriptions since Shadow must make the current offer more profitable to guarantee a sustainable business. If the price was not increased there would be no shadow anymore and the shop would have been closed by now.

More supported regions are considered. OVH has some sites all over the world which is a great base for new supported regions. In today’s stage event Malte was talking about Canada in particular, but this is in no way an official promise, rather a possibility.

- Shadow will rent hardware from OVH in the future.
- Hardware upgrades are planned for the future. An announcement will be made later this year. Yannis hopes that we will be able to use it by the end of 2021, however this is just a guess and does not have to happen that soon.
- Project Siberia, the dynamic Shutdown has been deployed to all Shadow locations.
- 4:4:4 and Dual Screen will come to the Stable/Official version of Shadow soon.
- Rework of the authentication system will come to Stable/Official soon.
- Datacentres will be mostly moved to OVH sites. Some current DCs will probably remain since the region is not covered by OVH. Some people will be moved to OVH which can affect latency.

Source: Shadow ENG Discord

I’m very disappointed that the new acquisition of Shadow has resulted in doubling the subscription price while providing nothing in return for the price hike.  Considering Shadow’s history with customers, raising the price without giving anything in return (especially to current subscribers) is going to be a hard pill to swallow. As for me, I’m not taking that pill - What a terrible offer; $29.99 for a service I’ve already had but paid ½ the price. Best of luck Shadow with your new pricing model.

i agreed entirely. i can see that times change and maybe its not viable to keep the costs the same. but a 50% increase and we dont get any upgrade with it?? and on top of that being on the amsterdam server with hdd-problems im not even getting the normal performance.. honestly i like the whole idea of shadow. its great! but i really feel like as soon as the gpu prices go down, i would prefer to go back to a normal local pc.

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Agreed. Same here.