"To Shadow or Not to Shadow?" That is the question!

  • 1 December 2021
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Dear Shadow,
I've been using Shadow now for a good solid year with a yearly subscription.

I signed in to Shadow due to the fact of having this neat set up which I can take where ever I go and still having decent performance with my own Virtual PC on whatever device.
Mostly I'm using an Intel NUC mini PC to connect to Shadow to play games, but during travels I would use my Chromebook for some normal administration work.
So far I've been a real fan of the concept and how it worked.



Now, since the price increases significantly, and I need to sign in for subscription renewal, I wonder if it's still worth it.
The machines are not being upgraded, service and communication went down the drain for large part of the year (since the big announcement) and it doesn't seem to improve soon.

Isn't it just cheaper now to buy a laptop with fairly decent specs?

Example: Asus ROG Strix G15
i5 10th Gen, Nvidia RTX3050, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD > around 1000 euros

So lets say I keep it for 4 years, that's 1000/4/12 = 21 euro per month


New Boost subscription is 30 euros per month for similar CPU, GTX1080, 250GB storage and 12GB RAM
So 30*4*12 = 1440 euros over 4 year (and for that money, you can get even a better machine than aforementioned gaming laptop) 


To Shadow: Why should I stay a customer after my current subscription ends?


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The price went up and it feels like the service has gotten worse. 

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Shadow has said that they have plans to upgrade current existing hardware and introduce new ways of getting more powerful hardware. However, I do see your points and it is up to you if you want to stay with Shadow and hope that they live up to what they have said. 

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I do think Shadow still has something rather unique going on, which I will praise to friends and colleagues with pleasure.
And I did indeed see some talk about 'plans’ to work on the future.

But come on … There's little conversation happening in the past few months from the company itself.
And the service is a bit falling behind.

So @Lily, I do appreciate the feedback, but can we not ask the main company behind Shadow for an update? It's due time...