Transparency with Actvations

  • 4 October 2021
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I get this kind of post has been made a bunch already, but i’d like a bit of transparency. I ordered on March 15th from the Chicago Datacenter, and my order page says that my order should be ready by July 30th, however July has obviously passed. I used the support bot on the website, and it says that it should be activated by August 26, 2021. Which, has well, clearly also passed. I get there are things going on and changes are being made with the company, and I understand that others have waited years, so I don’t mean to seem “impatient”. I would just like some clarification on if my order page will be updated, or the bot response will be updated. Maybe some information about the chicago datacenter. How are activations going at the moment for that datacenter? When would be an estimated guess for things getting back on track? I emailed support and was told to check the weekly activation updates, yet one hasn’t been made in months, so basically I have no information, and I really don’t know if I should cancel, or wait. I’ve waited 3 months, so it would suck to cancel if I was going to get activated the next day, and I don’t wanna potentially wait another three months. I guess what i’m asking for is some transparency and information so that I can make a proper decision. What would be an estimate for chicago datacenters to start activating normally?

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HI @lceCream 

Please reach out to support to get a updated estimate of your wait time as your expected order date has passed. -Gelgoog