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  • 24 September 2021
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I’m gonna start off by saying: This isn’t Shadow’s fault. At least, not entirely. 

It’s just a bit strange that I ordered my Shadow upgrade 23 months ago, and there’s been no news on it. I get it, there’s been shortages of parts and internal problems over the last couple years, but I just wish there was more transparency, I guess. The date keeps getting pushed back, but I’d honestly prefer a simple “To be confirmed” instead of seeing the date get pushed back to late 2021 (for example), then just seeing 2021 pass by with no sign of shadow in sight.


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You’re not alone, I have been waiting for my Shadow Ultra for almost 2 years now.

It’s not "entirely" Shadow's fault. But their communication is incredibly pitiful and sometimes I feel like they don’t care about us. 

It's been five months since OVH bought the company. As they said “The arrival of a new investor will allow us to have more clarity on the deployment plan

What a joke




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Hey @AdamCF @dAWKSO 
Shadow no longer has 3 different tiers available and is planning on having one single subscription, just "Shadow". No Boost, no Ultra, no Infinite. The newer tiers have already been canceled in the US and only a few are left in Europe. A few days ago some German users were given the opportunity to subscribe to one of these tiers for the very last time. All slots available have been occupied already. From now on it is not possible to get a Shadow Ultra or Infinite anymore. The people who have accepted this offer will have the option to cancel their higher tier subscription any time, to eventually switch to the new Shadow offer, with better hardware, once these are fully rolled out. For more information on the planned and upcoming hardware upgrades feel free to join the Shadow ENG Discord. 

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