UK Price Disparity

  • 4 June 2021
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Can we get some information on why there is no accounting for exchange rates in the UK price for Shadow?

When the price was reduced down to 15, it wasn't so bad, but now it's going back ot the original rates, with no improvement, it becomes a question again.

It's not like there is any extra cost to deliver the service to the UK, as we utilise the EU datacentres. 

It feels like a real kick in the teeth and as if we are subsidising other users.

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2 replies

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Hey @Adam 
It has always been more expensive for users in Europe, theoretically. In fact Europe prices are taxes included whilst US customers have prices where the taxes are not included. I don’t really get why this is a problem since almost every subscription service I know is more expensive for European countries. The by shadow supported regions also all have a higher average income and a higher minimum wage than the US. Hardware is also more expensive in European countries. I don’t know if this affects Shadows hardware supplier, but it definitely makes sense as it is right now in my opinion.

But the UK is still paying more than EU users, despite using the same datacentres?