Ultra Activation - 1 year and 3 months of waiting.. for nothing

  • 17 April 2021
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I have been waiting for more than a year to activate my Shadow Ultra (Paris Datacenter)

One year and 3 months..

The delivery date has been pushed back many times for unclear reasons.

Every time I contact customer service I always get the same unnecessary answer "we'll let you know when the service is ready"

I mean, I've been waiting for over a year, I’m loyal and all but I'm seriously starting to doubt the seriousness of this business.

I understand the difficulties of the company, but would it be possible to have a clear and detailed reason for this delay?

Lack of money ? Technical problems ? Covid?

I'm not the only one pointing this out, @NIC, @InstinctCommunity and many others have asked the same questions. But it remains unanswered as usual.

Lack of communication is really the worst thing you can do.

I hope that the arrival of new investors in two weeks will unlock the pre-orders .. quickly.

I love Shadow and I love the service.. but this has been going on for too long and no one is giving us an explanation.

Every time you told me that the delivery was going to be postponed again and that I had to be patient, I was ok with that..

But damn it ! If I had been told that I was going to wait 1 year and 3 months for nothing, I would have bought a computer a long time ago myself.

I can't even play the games I want due to poor Boost setup.

The more time passes, the more it sounds like a big joke

I'm starting to regret choosing Shadow


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Hey @dAWKSO ,
Due to the current company situation the shadow Ultra and Infinite pre-orders have been indefinitely delayed. Until new investor(s) hop in you will have to stick with your current boost subscription. You will be informed about new events via newsletter ( and all the other channels related to shadow (twitter, discord, forum). 

Also check the latest Blog-Post: