Upgraded Tiers (US Launch)

  • 28 May 2020
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Thanks for your interest in our Ultra and Infinite tiers!

Both the Shadow Ultra and Infinite plans will be offered to a limited number of users next year. You can sign up for our Shadow Ultra & Shadow Infinite mailing list here: https://shdw.me/ultra_inf_list 

Please take a look at the screenshot below for our hardware specs.  You can find this information here: https://shop.shadow.tech/usen/pre-order


Keep in mind that the availability date is subject to change and may depend on your location.  Please make sure that you select the state you’re in for the best approximation.




:interrobang: General FAQ :interrobang:


What if I sign up for the Shadow Boost annual commitment, but want to later change to Shadow Ultra or Infinite?

Currently, Shadow Ultra and Shadow Infinite are not available. When they become available in your region and you are eligible to select them (depending on limited volumes) you will be able to do so via the account page.

When will Shadow Ultra and Infinite be available?

Shadow Ultra and Shadow Infinite will be offered starting in 2021. They will also be only available to a limited number of datacenters, which will limit its geographical availability

How can I subscribe to hear more about Shadow Ultra and Infinite?

You can subscribe to the Shadow Ultra and Infinite waiting list to stay informed by clicking here: https://shdw.me/ultra_inf_list

When will I hear more information after signing up?

You will receive an email with details about your eligibility for Ultra or Infinite, if you're one of the lucky ones able to get Ultra or Infinite. 

Why are Shadow Ultra and Infinite only available in limited quantities?

As we have learned from the launch in our EU regions, it is important for us to ensure the quality of the technology before scaling it. We chose a limited launch to ensure the new configurations are stable in our US datacenters, and to gather data for future growth and developments.

How many of Shadow Ultra and Infinite will be available in total?

Shadow Ultra and Shadow Infinite will be offered to a limited number of users starting in 2021.

Why are Shadow Ultra and Infinite only available in some datacenters?

In the same line of thinking as the limited quantities, it's important for us to control as many variables during this phase of development before scaling our infrastructure.


For more information, stay tuned to our various social media channels:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShadowNorthAmerica/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Shadow_Official
Discord: shdw.me/USDiscord
Newsletter: https://shadow.tech/usen#footer-newsletter


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