[URGENT] Not late on payments, now "no active subscription", need my files ASAP

  • 21 September 2021
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  1. I was logged out of Shadow today and prompted to update my payment information.
  1. I updated my payment information (and checked and can confirm there are no late payments).
  2. After hitting save, it now says “No active subscription” and the only call-to-action shown to me is to ‘pre-order’.
  3. I need to access my work files, but have no means of booting up my PC.


After researching why this might be the case, it’s because of the shift from Shadow Boost to “Shadow” and the increase in price. I had not seen any of the “Action required” emails b/c they got auto-sorted into Gmail’s Promotions filter. The language in those emails suggests that my account has been completely deleted and all my data is now gone.

I’ve already submitted a Customer Support ticket but would REALLY appreciate if I can speak to any Shadow support employee directly to resolve this and get access to my local files on my account. I’ve been a user since like 2019 -- I’m hella sad right now if I lost everything.

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Hi @roger 

Reach out to shadow support for all billing issues the forum would not be the place to discuss your account.