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  • 20 September 2022
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Hi i’ve buyed the service because it said activation in less than an hour, 4 hour passed and i’m still waiting, i’ve written to support without any reply, can someone make something ? 




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4 replies

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We're thrilled to hear you've decided to preorder a Shadow and are happy to say account activations are ongoing.  


Please Note: Activation times can change over time and depend on available components, employee resources, data center capacity, and how many other Shadow users are waiting that ordered before you. For more information, see our blog posts here:


You'll receive an automated email from us when your Shadow is activated & ready to go. This is the best way to know when your Shadow is activated and ready to go.

I’m curios, has your shadow been activated by now?

if so, how long did it take in the end? I have the informative “Date not available” as an ETA

For reference, it’s been 26+ hours by now for me

I've renewed my subscription and still not able to access my shadow. it says I will receive a email when its ready. I Did and still not able to move forward.

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Hi @Hunter7 

If you are able please create a ticket to support. As Delayed activations like yours are not normal. -Gelgoog