what even IS shadow tech support???

  • 30 December 2020
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MY GOD. ALL im going to say is WHAT, just WHAT, EVEN IS “SHADOW SUPPORT!?! Ive filed mabye 10 support tickets in the past MONTH. NEVER ONCE, DID I GET A REPLY!! i have 1 day till my account is deleted because im having issues renewing my subscription and NEVER ONCE have i gotten a reply on countless support tickets!! Congrats on your ABSOLUTELY STELLAR support for your RIPPED OFF SHADOW INFINITE users! 

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1 reply

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I don’t understand who you are talking to and what you want from us… 

You may have been flagged when you sent in “countless support tickets”. Anyway, Support has holidays and is very limited atm. And I really understand why they don’t reply when I see your forum post here..

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