What Is the time in which I'll actually have my shadow activated?

  • 27 August 2021
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So I recently had just ordered the standard 29.99$ shadow boost off of the website and have been waiting for maybe like under 7 ish hours I’m pretty sure, looking back and forth through my emails and like the internet trying to find answers (Couldn’t find any unfortunately) and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how long the wait time would be or give me an Idea of when shadow rolls out activations on chicago servers.


Armani -

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6 replies

Dude… under 7 hrs? So, so many of us having been waiting for MONTHS


dude it should say on your shadow per order tab

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Hey @Armani 
The estimated activation date for the Chicago datacenter is around the 31st of December if you order today. Sadly, due to a recent issue the website seems to be having an issue, that the displayed date is just wrong for a few datacenters within the US, which has not been confirmed yet. Users who’s estimated activation date was set at around now got delayed to december as well which makes it look like this is the correct date. My recommendation is asking customer support about it and not setting your own expectations too high until we know more.

@Phobos can you tell me when activation would be for me? I’m in Alabama. I signed up 2 days ago.

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@ladytrickz For you the official date is October 28th, altho an activation might occur sooner, depending on slot availability, demand and hardware supply.

I just signed up about an hour ago and got an Oct 28th activation date. I’m not sure if it has something to do with where I'm at but it seems like you’ll have to just keep an eye on your email to see when it drops for you.