when is my activation starting?

  • 30 July 2021
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I subscribed in February 24 2021, and it said my shadow should be

Available on

July 29, 2021


What’s going on?


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5 replies

My order is from 23 January 21

Activation was supposed to be on the 29th of July for me

I’m still waiting...

I contacted support, my order is from March 21 2021 and was supposed to be available 

July 30, 2021. They stated they are unable to provide even an estimate of when it will be ready...

So I bought my shadow in March and says I had to wait until July 30th for it to activate. Today is July 30th and my shadow hasn’t got here yet, its 9 am where I'm at, and I wanted to know if there is a certain time I’ll get it, or if maybe mine got delayed, or if the time it gets here is random?


I didn't know if there was a certain time you push these out or maybe I'm just being impatient.

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they just keep on doing more and more of us wrong! its total bullshit

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Howdy folks!

I bring good news and less then good news. First the good news: Each Data Center has its own wait time so one persons wait for activation may be shorter than others wait time. Now for the bad news: Some Data Centers are undergoing migration and others experienceing issues post migration. For those experiencing issues post migration untill shadow is able to address the issues Activation for those DC’s may be paused.  -Gelgoog (everything is as written 8/9/2021 and is only accurate for this date)