When’s my Billing Date?/How Long does my Subscription go for?

  • 22 February 2022
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You can find your subscription period in your Account Page: https://account.shadow.tech/.  Shadow is a monthly recurring subscription so each payment will be due on the same day each month.  Your subscription also won’t start until your Shadow has been activated so you won’t be losing any paid billing time.  For example, if you purchased Shadow on April 21st, 2020, and your subscription wasn’t activated until May 2nd, 2020, your subscription will go from May 2nd until June 2nd and you won’t be charged until June 2nd.  


If you’re on a monthly subscription, you will also have the ability to cancel your subscription through your “Subscriptions & Billings” tab.  Once you initiate the cancellation request, your subscription will be cancelled before your next invoice is set to be sent out.  You will get to use Shadow for the paid amount of time.  For example, if your subscription is for May 2nd to June 2nd and you cancel your subscription on May 21st, you will be able to use your Shadow until June 2nd, when your subscription will be automatically terminated.  You can resubscribe at any time through your account page as well.

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