When will i get access to my shadow?

  • 13 December 2021
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So I just paid for this service after seeing how quick and easy it is supposed to be. Decided to switch from GeforceNow after seeing it advertised and recommended by a friend. Now that I have paid for it, and it told me it would be ready in 3 hours. Now I see a lot of people are having the issue with this “delay” happening before they can access it. So now my 3 hours have passed and I am still waiting. This is false advertising in my opinion. You don’t advertise 3 hours everywhere, and then all of a sudden after the deadline has passed get to change my time frame to a longer one. I see your terms and conditions say that you are allowed to. But they do not say you have the right to after the deadline has passed. This is a shady practice I would say. Judging by the amount of post I see here about the exact same thing, you all do this a lot. If you do not have the capability to keep up with your markets demands then why advertise like you do just so they will buy what your selling? Needless to say I'm not impressed with how this process has went so far, and you all are not off to a great start. TY

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Hey @TheRealBreeze 

In what country/state did you order your shadow? In general the estimated activation dates are subject to change at any time. If you are unhappy with your current estimated activation date you can cancel your pre order. If you are having issues when canceling feel free to create a customer support ticket via your account page. 

I am throwing this in here as I like the comparison: If you start to play a new game and the game tells you that the servers are currently full, and gives you an estimate of 50min to access. Now this estimate permanently changes and you end up waiting 70min. That is not false advertising. It's just the nature of estimating a timeframe and it's potential inaccuracy.