Where's my badge?

  • 10 June 2020
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I received an email at 9am this morning telling me that if I register with the new forum that I will receive a special badge! I was curious what i have to do to get my badge? My Shadow account was just activated 2 days ago, I live in California so I am using the California data center.


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Thanks for the help admin! LOL come on…..

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The Day 1 badge was for signing up for the forum on a certain date (now well past). If you have a copy of the e-mail and it states you should get a badge other then when the first sign up was announced, please dm me on the forums so I can assist you further. 


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Hi Kaisersozia,


I am rather concerned about your e-mail provider's timely delivery. That e-mail was sent on 5-27-2020 or if you are in the EU 27-5-2020. 

Here is the original discord announcement: 

(The e-mail was sent at the same time.)


 - Join us on the Community Forum! Ready the drumroll my dearest #TeamShadow  Today we are excited to announce the launch of the brand spanking new, Shadow Community Forum!   A forum? You might ask, what for?  Well, I’m glad you did! This new home of ours will feel quite familiar. In it you’ll find,  The latest announcements about Shadow  Help from the #TeamShadow community  Rewards for helping others  A special badge, unlocked for those of you who join the forum within the next 24 hours What about this Discord? With the forum entering the fray, you’ll find here to be less community support focused, and more about hanging out and having fun with other community members.
We’d never try to stop you from helping each other, of course! But we can track things better on a forum, like which bugs are impacting you and how often. With the kindness and helpfulness of the mighty #TeamShadow, we will build Shadow beyond unforeseen heights! Create your account and register now  Other important info • All announcements will now be made on the forum first • We recommend you join us there to receive the latest news and information. See you around @everyone  

Well if you see the timestamp on the email I definitely received it on June 10th at 9:00am PST. I never got this email on May 27th.. Had I gotten this email I would of immediately signed up and received my badge. Therefore I would appreciate it if the forum admin will give me my badge, I am paying customer and a huge fun of Shadow and plan on being an active member of the community.


Thank you for your help!