Why did my GPU change?

  • 8 July 2020
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When I first setup my Shadow it was a 1080TI gpu now it is showing a Quadro 5000 I kinda feel like I was bait & switched. Why did this happen? Also will this be changed back as i am still being charged the 29.99 per month and not getting any of the 3 tiers of service offered my service is equivelant to the 12.99 tier?


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3 replies

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When was that? They aren’t allowed to use consumer grade graphics cards. Nvidia stopped them from doing that a while ago. They are only allowed to use equivalent gpus.

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Only the legacy machines in europe have the consumer 1080 cards by now they are all quadros p series. The workstation/datacenter equivalents of the 10xx/20xx series

its good to know which plan you have and which is active. 


Legacy machines? So I have an old machine as it’s a 1080 (Paris Datacenter) I actually felt that the Quadro Series were better cards (performance-wise) when I used a texas one temporarily.