Why is Shadow going to take so long?

  • 6 September 2021
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I ordered Shadow today and it said that I was not going to get access until October 28! That is ridiculous in my opinion! I ordered Shadow thinking that I would be able to get it the next day but I have to wait for over a month! Why is this? Shadow can you fix your stuff? I was really hoping I would be able to play Half Life Alyx soon, but that is out the window. I can tough it out but I really don’t want to.

Please say this this is not the actual date and that I will get it earlier!

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4 replies

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I am not trying to be mean here but it does tell you when it will be available before you ever pre order. As soon as you select your state it says then when you can expect to use it. However you can also expect them to delay it even further past then. 

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Hey @OwenBeastSlayer 

Due to recent changes in infrastructure, partnerships, new ownership of the company and the super high demand the estimated activation dates were pushed back a bit. Right now everything is starting to get rolling again and that just takes some time. The team has to get used to the internal changes and new employees are being searched for, because there are too few for now. That all, and some more comes together and is the reasoning behind that activation date. 

Here for a good read:

Some have to wait months to get activated. Where are you located?

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Tbf, it does tell you how long it’ll take. You’re definitely not the worst affected. There’s people who’ve been waiting almost two years for their preorders to arrive.