Will customers who can't affort to continue the subscription be given the cold shoulder??

  • 24 August 2020
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I cannot afford shadow anymore due to losing my income in this pandemic, I figured I can just pay the bills if I get rid of unessessery expenses. 

So I've been going though that process... all well EVEN CREDIT CARD COMPANIES & MY PHONE PROVIDERS CUT ME SLACK, despite being in hard contracts. I mean these companies lose money by helping me... but shadow, nope your in a contract we will maksure we get our money! 


So even though the service is inturrupted and you can't leave your shadow on like you would your own computer now DUE TO THE VIRUS, shadow will not let one customer go. Even though you are told constantly that the service issues are due to high demand. If you have other customers waiting why not make them happy and me.…


Let's be clear I should not have to spend time I need to work trying to recover this cash from an international company. Maybe the CEO's will see me down here the ant I am, and help me rather than squash me.


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Hey JustBankruptCustmor, thanks for reaching out.  Unfortunately, our support team is in charge of making these decisions; however, if you explain your situation, they may be able to find an alternative solution for you.  The forum will not be able to assist you with billing issues.