Your Shadow account has been deleted

  • 10 November 2021
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I received an e-mail with “Your Shadow account has been deleted”.

Why is my account deleted? I have a free subscription with “Proximus”.

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4 replies

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Hi @guilliano 

Please reach out to shadow support directly via your account page to get this looked into asap!

Hello, I just got this email too.

I have also an account via "Proximus"

A few weeks ago, I received that my account will be deleted if I didn't connected to it. So I immediately logged in and updated the system.

And now I receive the email that my account is deleted...

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Heads up! Keeping your Shadow after Proximus ‘Epic combo’ | Community

Thanks @Gelgoog 

Time to send an email to Proximus. Because they will drop this service, but the price will remain the same :rage: