Add ''shortcuts'' menu on Apple TV app like on IOS

  • 29 October 2022
  • 1 reply


Hej! Would be great if you could add a similar shortcut menu on the Apple TV app like we have on IOS devices. With the remote you can only navigate the mouse and click. And you cannot connect a keyboard. Sometimes you need to press escape or another button. Right now you need to switch to another device to do something. Alternatively would be great to use a bit more buttons from the remote to control stuff (like right click). Thanks!

I think the Apple TV app (and maybe future equivalents for Smart TV’s/Android TV) is the killer feature for me for Shadow and makes it even better and more convenenient to game on the couch than a regular PC. Would appreciate if you could give it some attention in future if you have the time (it’s still using the old styling for example).

1 reply


Just discovered you can connect a bluetooth keyboard to Apple TV, so that helps a lot. So not a priority anymore for me. ‘’Right click’’ function with apple remote (perhaps by long pressing the middle button) would be very helpful though.