[Android & Android TV] Launcher doesn't show games

  • 22 February 2021
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Issue/Describe the bug
Games shortcuts do not show on android launcher “Failed to get games” error shows up

Android phone (Galaxy S8) and Android TV (Nvidia Shield pro)

Stable v3.3.2

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open Shadowsandroid app
  2. “Failed to get games” error

Additional Notes

  • I have installed several games and I’m using Big Picture
  • Tried with beta version but app was on error loop installing beta components
  • I have to login every time to use them but bug is already reported
  • Refreshed app list on settings
  • Sent logs

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1 reply


Hello matbonucci,


Unfortunately development on the games launcher feature in the Android app has been discontinued and the feature should have been removed from the launcher.


If your launcher still has the feature or is failing to automatically update properly when switching versions (i.e. from stable to Beta), I recommend reinstalling your launcher app.

If you’re still experiencing issues after a full reinstall of the Android app, please open a new bug post.