Apple 4k TV Mouse experience

  • 1 September 2021
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So I have an apple 4k tv (newest gen) And when using shadow, im unable to have any sort of curser outside of the apple remote with the track pad. Ive tried Magic Mouse as well as another bluetooth mouse. Anyone know how to get a curser on the Apple TV as it is my main device(also have iPhone,ipad,m1 MBA) all of which the cursers work normally.

4 replies

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Hi @JJSudzz 

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Hello @JJSudzz,

Thanks for using the bug reporting on the Shadow Forums, unfortunately, I must reject this bug report as not enough information was provided for this report. If more information is available don’t hesitate to reply back.

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@Steve from Shadow and @JJSudzz it is and was never a Shadow bug to begin with. The issue lies on the Apple TV (OS). It does not support a mouse as input. This means that even though it supports bluetooth devices, like keyboards and game controllers, mouses are excluded and thus you cannot connect a mouse to work with Apple TV. And as you can’t connect it to the Apple TV, you cannot use it in the Shadow app on the Apple TV.

If, and when, Apple changes the OS on the Apple TV and officially supports BT mouses, only then can we expect Shadow to also support this on the Apple TV app. I would also really much like that, but at this point its Apple and their ‘design’ team that is blocking us.


Thanks man I figured something like that. But the confusion was with the Siri remote they include. When using that on the Apple TV with shadow the touch pad actually works as the curser. So I went and bought a Ps5 controller thinking I could do the same with the track pad 😂 nope. Guess we have to hope apple adds mouse support.