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Bug Report - Local Refresh Rate No Longer Detected

  • 13 February 2021
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Issue/Describe the bug
Local Refresh Rate No Longer Detected When Connecting - Have To Manually Set Refresh Rate Each Time I Connect

Mac - Big Sur 11.2
Mac Mini 2018 i7-8700B 32GB Ram
Razer Core X eGPU Enclosure (via Thunderbolt 3)
Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB

Official -
Launcher v4.22.9
Client v3.9.5

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Using a monitor connected to eGPU via DisplayPort connection
  2. Monitor set to 5120x1440 120hz
  3. Connect to Shadow (h.265 enabled)
  4. Shadow correctly detects 5120x1440 resolution, but sets refresh to 60hz 

Additional Notes

  • This worked correctly prior to the December update that added the network notifications.
  • 120hz refresh rate still works correctly after manually changing it in the control panel.

2 replies


Hi Powell,


Thanks for your bug report.

When the refresh rate is incorrectly detected, please send your logs from the launcher and reply to this thread with the resulting unique logs code that will appear. (For help on this, please see: https://help.shadow.tech/hc/en-gb/articles/360000541374-How-to-Send-Diagnostic-Logs-to-Shadow-Support)


Thank you in advance.

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