Bugs and/or other issues im having with/in Shadow (for quite some time now(dont remember when they each started)

  • 8 August 2021
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Issue/Describe the bug

when controller turns itself off or i have to refresh shadow (changing from speed to reliability and back to speed(which causes controller to reconnect) because the shadow launcher occasionally due to bugs it has, for some reason stops sending the controllers signal into shadow forcing me to completely shut down shadow and restart it which is massively annoying.

especially since the shadow launcher is detecing to fine and works locally just fine it just for some reason decides to stop sending the signal as a result game dont detect my controller even tho it still works for some things just not games

this is actually a step worse than the shadow bug (that still hasnt been fixed for maybe a year now, where i cant use my controller with no mans sky in shadow despite it working locally just fine with exact same settings on both local and in shadow(well not anymore since i dont have access anymore to my good local gaming rig so im stuck using shadow until i can someday afford getting the rest of the parts to finish building my new high end gaming rig(already have the motherboard)

Windows, Xbox One X Controller (Bluetooth), Monitor, Games, Shadow Launcher, Perfect home internet(setup by myself (with my 26 years computer and 11 years networking experience)

Beta v. 1.11.2 (or whatever latest is this is what shadow overlay showed for version(launcher is fully updated)

Steps to Reproduce(Method 1):

  1. Using a 27” Curved Monitor at 1080p 75Hz and Xbox One X Controller(Bluetooth).
  2. Playing Game and alt tabbing for awhile and controller turns off for inactivity.
  3. Go back into game and game no longer detects controller (but is still detected by shadow overlay and parts of windows 10 UI (like the Win10 start menu).

Steps to Reproduce (Method 2):


  1. Using a 27” Curved Monitor at 1080p 75Hz and Xbox One X Controller (Bluetooth)
  2. If im getting perfomance hiccups with the shadow launcher itself i typically open shadow overlay and switch as such  Speed > Reliability > Speed to refresh signal.
  3. This Results in the Controller disconected then reconnected, which results in Controller not being detectable by games and only by the shadow overlay and windows10 start menu.

Additional Notes

  • Sofar the only fix ive found is to completely shutdown shadow and then start it up again but this is tedious, massive time wast and incredbly annoying when im trying to get stuff done.
  • Everything Works Fine Locally and No Issues at all with my Internet.
  • No idea why reliability even exists as option instead of button to refresh connection as it just make everything worse 100% of the time.
  • After I finish posting this ill have to restart shadow again so i can play my games for a while anyways until it disconects again.
  • Shadow launcher is also adding fake displays and duplicating display which is dropping overall performance in shadow expecially while playing games(for this shadow launcher issue ive attached screenshots below).(this issue could easily be fixed(albeit temporarily) if shadow would allow those of us who actually know what we are doing to access the win10 registry without getting in trouble to fix minor or game breaking bugs caused by the shadow launcher( or to fix other programs in windows 10 that can only be fixed by accessing and changing settings)
  • also if shadow launcher/shadow could stop auto changing the power plan thatd be great it ruins my game performance when shadow keeps trying to switch it to balanced when keep setting it to a gaming plan for optimal fps.
Shadow Overlay Display Settings
Even with only 1 Monitor Enabled or connected enabling the multi-monitor setting in shadow overlay causes this issue in shadows windows 10 (i only have 2 monitors connected, and only 1 of them is actually enabled locally and in shadow)



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Hello @Lord of Shadows 

Thanks for submitting a bug report. I noticed that you submitted multiple bugs. To keep our teams organized, please only submit one bug per report. Unfortunately, I must close this request.