Change of client IP breaks connection

  • 26 February 2021
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Situation [on any MacOS]:

1- I’m on public ip eg. 109.***.**.***, I reboot my router and i’m now on a new IP eg. 80.**.***.** 

2- I was on a VPN by mistake(eg. work VPN) when I opened Shadow, now I disconnected and I’m back on my home IP

Expected behaviour:

Shadow auto-restarts the streaming and my interruption is just for a few seconds.

Actual behaviour:

Streaming freezes. Closing the Shadow Streaming app brings me back to the main Shadow app which can’t connect to the remote instance anymore. Closing ALL Shadow apps, and reopening them allows me to launch again the streaming, which brings me back to the remote Windows as I left it.


I assume that there is an IP filter when launching the streaming, or some kind of safety feature. I would suggest reviewing this to allow people to be able to restart their home connection (eg. if the home router is having a hard time with wifi interferences) without having to close and re-open the whole app.

ps. sometimes this also triggers a new login request, which could be annoying.


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2 replies

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