Keyboard shortcuts should be configurable or at least disable-able.

  • 11 January 2022
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Hello shadow team.


It has happened already way to many times that keyboard shortcuts interfere with gaming if pressed by accident while a game is running.


The most horrible and also the most common one it CMD + ALT + Q which will *ACTUALLY QUIT STREAMING*.


This is almost never (perhaps actually never) what a user wants. Who would like to quit streaming “fast and easy”? The windows shut down menu works just fine.


Also, notice that this is the only shortcut that uses the Q key, which is HEAVILY in use in most games. If you combine this with accidental key pressed or some games that have things like “self cast” which is ALT + something, this effect becomes catastrophic. It’s not even a menu popping up, it’s quitting stream. Mid-game. While self-casting.


Please rethink these things. Making the keys configurable might be difficult, but at least an option to completely disable some or all shortcuts would be good enough for the near future.


Thank you.

1 reply

Also using “windows key” means that in some games / apps you leave the application to open windows start menu.


Please make shortcuts configurable