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macOS Monterey USB Drivers

  • 3 August 2021
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It appears that the USB drivers no longer work on Monterey.  After installing Monterey the shadow app let me know that there was a problem with the drivers and gave me the option to fix them or uninstall.  I tried both options and reinstalled them many times but continued to receive this error.


The USB driver issues on Big Sur took many months after the final release to get fixed so it would be great to get confirmation that this is a known issue and being looked into.  I realize that it’s unsupported software, however, that was the argument I heard regarding Big Sur and months of pain could have been avoided that time around by getting in early.  After all that’s the point in having Beta access in the first place. ;)


Thanks for your attention on this.

2 replies

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Hi saroman,


Thank you for reporting this issue with USB drivers not working with Shadow on macOS Monterey.

Although MacOS Monterey is not yet officially supported yet by Shadow, we’ll put this issue on our radar.

I appreciate you’d like to get the Shadow app’s USB feature working but in the meantime have you considered using VirtualHere?  I don’t know if it works on Monterey but I’ve been using it for a while on Big Sur and it’s excellent.  It’s a bit counterintuitive to set up (you run the server locally and run the client on your Shadow) but I prefer it to Shadow’s solution because it doesn’t require a kernel extension.