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Mouse Wheel No Longer Works in iPad OS 15. Mouse 4-5 no longer detects being held down

  • 26 October 2021
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  • Describe the bug (required)
    • Upon upgrade to iPad OS 15, the scrollwheel of the Logitech bluetooth mouse connected to the iPad (12.9” Pro) does not work. It had worked prior to iPad OS 15. It also works on the MacOS client. The Windows Shadow system does not register the scrollwheel scroll input however it does recognize the click as Mouse 3. The scrollwheel is established as working in the iPad OS itself. In addition, since this update, Mouse 4 does not register being held down, only a single click.
    • The scrollwheel should be supported and it’s inputs registered in the default behaviors of the Windows system, and should react appropriately in-game (tested it in Guild Wars 2). The mouse buttons 4-5 should recognize being held down until released.
  • Steps to reproduce the bug (required)
    • I tried the same mouse on the MacOS system and it registered the clicks in the desktop environment.
    • I restarted shadow, the mouse and the iPad OS.
    • The bug occurs 100% of the time on iPad OS/iOS 15
  • Application/device, official or beta, and version number (required)
    • Windows 10, Guild Wars 2. Shadow running on iPad OS 15 on a 12.9” iPad Pro 2020 model. Logitech M35 Bluetooth mouse. Apple Magic Keyboard

6 replies

Hello @iantepoot,

Thanks for reporting this bug and being the best part of the Shadow Community Forum!

I’ve heard back from my devs and they let me know that this is an issue with after an update to iOS/iPadOS 15. This is due to a recent change in the Apple Mouse API that inverted the direction of the mouse. Our team is working on a fix at this time and we will let you know once we have an update.


Hello there,

Great news! As with the most recent update on the Shadow Beta iOS/iPadOS app we have released a fix that resolves the scrolling issue.




Thanks. Based on a YouTube vid figured out how to install the Beta version on iPad OS. I also notice it corrects the placement of the shadow button to resolve an issue where it lives on where the app-switcher UI is on iPad OS 15.


Although I’m aware it’s beta software, the fix is important enough that I’m willing to take the risk of some increased instability.


Issue/Describe the bug
The scroll wheel on a bluetooth mouse acts as if the ‘Natural Scrolling’ option in the iPadOS Settings > General > Trackpad & Mouse is toggled on whether or not this is the case. This means that rolling the scrollwheel forward by default acts as scroll down, and backward acts as scroll up no matter the setting.

iPad Pro, 12.9” attached to Magic Keyboard, connected via bluetooth to a Logitech MX Anywhere 3 bluetooth mouse

Beta v. 3.8.1 (214)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Switching on Bluetooth mouse and confirming it is on.
  2. Toggling ‘Natural Scrolling’ in the Settings App > General > Trackpad & Mouse to both ‘Natural Scrolling’ on and off.
  3. Confirming that the iPadOS setting change the behavior of the scrollwheel as expected (i.e. Natural Scrolling toggled-off means rolling the scrollwheel towards you scrolls down and toggling it on reverses this behavior)
  4. Starting Shadow. Confirming using an Explorer window that via the Shadow App Windows registers the scrollwheel as using ‘Natural Scrolling’ whether or not this is toggled on in the iPadOS settings.
  5. Confirmed using the MacOS version of the app that when accessing it through the desktop client that the scrollwheel acts as expected (i.e. the ‘natural scrolling’ toggle on MacOS changes the behavior of the scrollwheel as expected).
  6. Use the mouse in games, namely Star Citizen and GuildWars2. Confirm that indeed the scrollwheel uses ‘natural scrolling’ regardless of toggle.

Additional Notes

  • I realize that this is a Beta client, and therefore not finalized. However, I wanted to flag this before it goes to live in the hope that this error won’t find it’s way into the final release version. For now, I am working around this counterintuitive behavior that forces me to remember a different scroll-wheel behavior for two platforms.

Just FYI, I submitted a bug report for the iPad/iOS Beta to hopefully correct a lesser issue regarding the scrollwheel before it goes to the release version: the scrollwheel ignores the ‘natural scrolling’ toggle on iPadOS and uses Apple’s backward/reversed screen regardless of the option selected.


Flagging it here just in case, but I did a full bug report in the proper format as a new topic item.

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Hi @iantepoot 

I have merged your new post into this one. I appreciate you filling out the bug reporting template! This issue I am watching also as I have a Ipad too and wish to see this resolved as well. -Gelgoog.