(possible bug), Youtube videos are causing the copyright material popup to occur on Shadow.

  • 21 February 2023
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I understood and still understand why the copyright feature is there on Shadow, it’s mainly for things like paid subscription model platforms like Netflix, Peacock, ect, and I can watch these platforms on other devices, i pay for them, I watch on the devices I link them to, I'm okay with not being able to watch the thing i pay for on my Shadow- even though it is annoying, I get it.

But it looks like Youtube (not Youtube RED,( but normal youtube, is causing the same copyright blocks that occur on shadow that pretty much forces the Shadow user to shutdown their shadow and restart.


Now this could very well be a bug on Shadows side, or i just was unlucky and encountered some videos that are using a new type of copyright protection that causes Shadow to behave this way, this has only happened twice now, but’s frustrating, because it’s Youtube, not Netflix or Peacock, but youtube.

1 reply

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It just happened again, but it doesn’t seem to be a particular video, it just seems to happen after a certain amount of time.