Price of storage is laughable

  • 28 July 2021
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 Right so my shadow just got activated, 

And I have too say im astonished at just how good it really is you can now consider me a shadow fan..

However, I found myself running out of storage instantly! I mean just Ark survival evolved is over 250GB 
The problem im talking about is when I went too get extra storage 

Now Im all about companies providing a service and making fair proffit for it hence why I havent ever complained once about the price increase of the monthly subscription. 
That being said I can go on ebay or amazon and buy a 1TB HDD for the price im paying too rent that much storage space for 1 month from Shadow 

I mean really cmon guys? the pricing for storage is quite literaly off the charts.

Not too mention the fact that US customers are getting each storage incriment in $2.99 increments but Europeans are being charged the same but in out native currency *£* for example which effectivly means americans are getting it half price almost which btw would be better but still expencive for storage 

How are you justifying prices this high for storage space given what it costs me in the uk for 1 TB of extra storage I can literaly buy outright a 1TB drive???


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1 reply

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Hi Shagnasty,


Welcome to Shadow and glad to hear you’re a fan already!


This forum channel is for users to report technical product bugs.


We appreciate your feedback about storage pricing, but unfortunately it is not a bug. For feedback or other inquiries, you can contact us through your account page.


Thank you for your understanding.