Shadow Android resolution selection incorrect when on external monitor in desktop mode

  • 15 February 2021
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Issue/Describe the bug
When I run shadow on an external 4k monitor in android 10 desktop mode, the resolution selection is for the tablet internal screen, not the external monitor.

Lenovo P11 Pro (TB-J706F, Snapdragon 730G), Android 10 5th Dec 2020 patch

Shadow Android App v 3.3.2, Shadow Boost in Paris.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Switch on ‘Force Desktop Mode’ in Developer options on Android Device and reboot (equivalent of using Samsung DEX?)
  2. Connect an external monitor with different resolution to tablet screen via usb-c DP mode adapter (e.g. a 4k TV via usb-c to HDMI 2 adapter)
  3. Check the monitor is extending the desktop not mirroring, and check resolution (yes and 4k in my case)
  4. Launch Shadow on the extended screen.
  5. Go to the resolution selection dialog in Shadow App
  6. Dialog shows resolutions for the internal screen (in my case up to 2560x1600 60Hz but no 4k)
  7. Expected behaviour would be to display available resolutions for the extended display on the USB-C DP connector.

Additional Notes

  • I believe productivity modes like Samsung DEX may use Desktop mode, but I used the ‘Taskbar’ App in the play store for a similar experience. Optionally I used the SecondScreen App to switch the extended screen resolution/DPI though the default 4k selected is sufficient for the bug to appear, I use 1080p for LOTRO as it doesn’t scale well)
  • Lenovo Productivity mode only screen mirrors so the problem doesn’t appear (but again limited to 2560x1600)




1 reply


I was going to report something like this as well. This is basically the same issue when running Shadow Android on Chromebooks. I wonder if I should fill out a report as well.