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Shadow constantly skipping media when pressing the "next" media key via keyboard

  • 25 June 2021
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  • Describe the bug (required)
    • Upon pressing the media key “next” on my keyboard shadow will consistently skip media with little to no stop (such as YouTube Playlists, Spotify songs, etc)… I can confirm that this is NOT an issue with my actual keyboard as I tested using the key on several occasions on my host PC and did not encounter any issues… This bug has also been present since day one of me using Shadow, I just haven’t got around to reporting this bug until now. I am also not the only Shadow user that has this bug… This is most likely an issue with how Shadow handles input with this key.
    • Screenshot of the media key “next”: 
    • Gif of the bug behavior: 
        edit: Shadow’s forum compression made the gif a little messed up, go here for original image:
    • Bug Behavior: Skips media constantly. Expected Behavior: Skipping the media one time per key press.
  • Steps to reproduce the bug (required)
    • Provide explicit step-by-step actions to re-create the bug.
      • 1. Open Spotify (or a YouTube Playlist on Chrome)
      • 2. Press the “next” media key
    • After these steps, the bug occurs 90% of the time (sometimes it functions correctly like when you’re playing a game, but for the most part it doesn’t function correctly)
  • Application/device, official or beta, and version number (required)
    • Windows BETA Launcher v4.26.5 Client 3.12.13
    • (From my experience this bug occurs on all Windows Shadow Launchers)
  • Additional Context
    • Provide any additional information here
      • Sometimes it stops after it skips a certain amount of songs (on Spotify)
      • Most of the time the only way to stop this bug is by restarting Shadow itself
      • The device I’m using Shadow on is a Windows 10 Home Laptop (hp laptop 15-bs2xx)

6 replies

I have this issue too… it is really annoying 

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Can confirm this bug. Occurs in multiple applications including Spotify, iTunes, foobar2000, and even the built in Windows Groove music player.

Hello @geraldbrent1 @SalemLVG @TikkieWillem,

Thanks for reporting this bug and bringing this to our attention. Does this bug also occur on the beta and alpha applications?


Our team will reproduce the issue and come back if we require more information.


In the meantime, please send your Shadow application logs in the launcher and provide the code that is presented. (If you are concerned regarding sending this code, you may send it to Shadow Support and reference this Forum thread)


Please go to the help section (?) of your launcher app and press the "Send Logs" button. This sends your Shadow logs directly to our dev team so they can help investigate. 





Hello @Steve from Shadow, it seems the bug is fixed in the Alpha Launcher, but the bug is still present in the Beta Launcher & Official Launcher


Hello @Steve from Shadow, it seems the bug is fixed in the Alpha Launcher, but the bug is still present in the Beta Launcher & Official Launcher

EDIT: THIS IS NOT TRUE, I was able to reproduce this bug in the Alpha launcher as well now. After I restarted my Shadow the bug was happening again...

Hello @SalemLVG 

Thanks for reporting back, our team was able to reproduce the issue on our end. We’ll forward this information onto the dev team for further investigation.