(Shadow Ghost) Unable to use USB device through USB3.0 ports

  • 9 March 2021
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Issue/Describe the bug

When plugging an USB device (Joystick / Gamepad) on USB3.0 ports (blue ones) of the Shadow box an error occurs on Windows indicating that the device is not recognized.



Shadow Box (Launcher V4.22.9 | Client V3.9.8)


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Goto to MyShadow account and reset My Shadow (Ready to play configuration)
  2. Wait for the reset to be completed
  3. Power on the Shadow Box
  4. Connect to the Shadow
  5. Once in Shadow
    1. Plug in the USB device on a USB3.0 ports of the Shadow Box
    2. After few seconds : An errror message appears on the right indicating that the last usb device connected is not recognized
      1. If you open the device manager and expend Universal Serial Bus Controllers section
        1. You see the device with a warning sign indicating : Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)


This was tried on the 2 USB3.0 ports => same result

This was tried with 3 different controllers / joystick => same result

Those controllers worked previously correctly with Shadow through Mac OS APP (Catalina)

I tried different tutorial to fix this issue through uninstalling, updating drivers without any success.


Additional Notes

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6 replies

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This occurs when your ping is too high to support the USB over IP connection.


Thanks for you feedback @Thortok2000 

Was there any changes on the USB over IP ?

Because previously I was able to get the USB devices to work perfectly one the Shadow Mac App even with a very high ping without any issue.




I made mistakes in the description of the bug above. The issue is happening on a Shadow Ghost and not Shadow Box.

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Hi @DDavid972 ,


@Thortok2000 is correct. The USB 3.0 ports on the Ghost will not work properly if your latency is too high (~35ms or higher).


The MacOS app’s USB over IP feature operates differently from the Ghost’s and can work at higher ping.


The 2.0 (black) ports of the Ghost may also work more reliably at higher pings. The lower ping requirement only applies to its USB 3.0 (blue) ports.


Thanks a lot @Ike from Shadow for your quick return.

One question about the 2.0 ports (black) ; how can use a game controllers on those ports ?

I tried to connect a game controller. It’s correctly powered but doesn’t “appears” in Windows. I tried also with a USB memory stick, and same result : Powered but not available. 

Do we need to do something specific to use devices other than mouse & keyboard on those 2.0 ports ?


Thanks for your help,


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Hi @DDavid972 


You’re welcome and glad I could help.


The 2.0 ports can work with game controllers, but it will still depend on your connection as well as the compatibility of those devices. For game controllers, please note only the ones officially listed here are guaranteed to work:

USB storage drives require a very stable, low latency connection to work as they require transferring a lot of data over the internet to work properly.


For further help or questions on this topic, I recommend asking in Technical Assistance or contacting support. Unfortunately we have to close this thread here as it’s for reporting product bugs. Thank you for your understanding.