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Shadow Won't Stay Logged in on Android

  • 10 February 2021
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Issue/Describe the bug
Shadow App will randomly log out on Android and ask you to Log Back in

Android (2020 Samsung Galaxy S20+), Android TV (2019 Nvidia Shield TV Pro)

Official Play Store Version

Steps to Reproduce:

No real steps sometimes on Launch it will ask to login sometimes its when exiting the stream and shutting down the remote Shadow PC. 

Additional Notes:

I also use Shadow on my Mac on Mac OS Catalina. Official Release Shadow and I do not need to log in unless I logout before quitting the app.

Ike from Shadow 2 months ago

This bug has been added to the dev team’s backlog.

Thank you for your submission. We’ll report back when it’s fixed.

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10 replies

Hey @Acid0057 


Thanks for reporting this bug and following the template. 


Can you please send your logs via the Android launcher?

  1. Click the Cogwheel ⚙️ Icon and scroll down and hit Send Logs.


Once you are done sending your logs, let us know by replying to this thread.




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Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting back to me. No problem. 

I’ve just sent in my logs from my Galaxy S20+. I actually had to login again to send you the logs.

Hope that helps!

Have this problem as well :(

Both on my shield tv as well as on my android mobile device.

(Sended my logs as well)


I have the same issue. I have noticed this issue normally occurs when you move between different Android devices. If I play on the living room shield, and go to play on my phone, or one of the different shield devices, it requires a fresh log in. I have noticed this issue for a while, only now a pain because of the second shield logging in. Another thing to note is that these Android devices do not have the check box for "remember" me/login

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This bug has been added to the dev team’s backlog.

Thank you for your submission. We’ll report back when it’s fixed.



Same problem on my 3 android devices (phone, tablet, shield TV), same with beta.



I have the same issue. Can confirm its when switching between Android devices.

One of those is my TV, so have to enter the password every time which is a real pain.

What's even worse, is every time it logs me out, I have to reset my max nitrate and resolution

I also have this issue. I switch between Mac OS, iOS and Shield TV apps, but the login issue only happens on my Shield TV.


I wanted to add to this, for about the last month or 2 I have also noticed when I have to log into these different devices the bandwidth defaults to 5mbps, which isneverthelastvalueused

I have the issue on Android TV with Philips 55OLED934. Turning the TV off logs me out of Shadow… and it’s not fun to type a complex password with a remote controller… If at least we could log from

the web by scanning a QR code on the TV screen that would be nice !