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Shadows USB peripheral forwarding doesn't work on Windows

  • 1 December 2021
  • 2 replies

Cannot check the boxes in USB peripherals for Windows 11. 


2 replies

Hi all,  Here is my discovery, maybe it will help some of you :)

If you own an old joystick or unrecognized USB peripheral for gaming, maybe this solution will help


Whats needed :

Hamachi (
VirtualHere Server :
VirtuelHere Client :


Everything is working fine with the free versions of these softwares


Step by step procedure

On Local PC 

Launch the joystick driver in order to make it work on local pc
When recognized, launch Hamachi

On Shadow :
Launch Hamachi

Create a connection between the 2 hamachis

On local PC 
Launch VirtualHere server

On shadow 
Launch VirtualHere client

-> All USB devices should appear in virtualhere client on shadow
Select the joystick

And Voilaaa


Enjoy !


Our developers would like you to test a potential fix on our Beta launcher. You can find it on the apps download page here: - Choose "Applications" on the left. You'll need to scroll down to see it. 

With the latest release, we have released a new advanced USB peripherals feature on our Beta app for Windows. If you would like to see if this new feature will help alleviate your current USB issues, please feel free to try the Beta app at your own discretion. 

⚠️ Warning: the Alpha and Beta builds or applications are untested and may contain bugs. Please make sure you back up your data before using them. Shadow is not responsible for any data loss.

To use this new feature, please uninstall your old drivers. Then, you'll need to reboot your PC and reinstall the new drivers.

1. Switch your Shadow to our Beta version by pressing the Start button (You will need to wait a couple of minutes to switch to this version).
2. Close your Beta client and uninstall your drivers
3. Reboot your local device (This is important)
4. Launch your Beta client and reinstall the drivers.
5. Once again please reboot your local device after you installed your drivers (This is important)
6. Try to connect to your Shadow by using our Beta client.
Let me know if that works for you!