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USB drivers on macOS Monterey

  • 29 October 2021
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The alpha client solved my problem too.


Although it raises another, minor, but quite handicapping one.

On the alpha client, the mouse pointer disappear in all in-stream shadow menus. Mouse pointer is fine inside Windows, but it just does not show in the shadow settings menus.


Hi, I have been holding-off on updating my machine to MacOS Monterey specifically due to issues with your application. Is there an update as to whether this functionality works in the Beta client? (I am using the Beta client because I am also accessing Shadow using iPadOS on my iPad and need it for the scroll wheel functionality on that platform).



Hello @iantepoot,

Our team is working on the next client release and we will update you once it is rolled out to the Beta and Official clients.

Happy New Year!

Hi @Q from Shadow,
Thanks for this good news! Is the next release planned in the next two weeks ? Just to know if I should wait for it rather than install a VPN like Tailscale + VirtualHere.

The Beta macOS version has been updated, and contains the updated USB driver that works with Monterey.

Hi Shadow Support,

I am using the beta / alpha version of the Shadow client for Mac OS X Monterey, but USB forwarding does not work. From the UI the checkbox just does not remain. I do know a little bit about the Eltima SDK used (as we use it professionally also in a company).

When using the eveusbc client, the error message is:

$ ./eveusbc share 56128 20-2     unshared ,,56128,usb20,20-2,,Pro Controller,,,,,,, cannot share ',,56128,usb20,20-2,,Pro Controller,,,,,,,', not more than 0 port(s) can be shared


$ ./eveusbc license          activated to '', license 'SDK', unlimited, days left 0


The days left 0 looks a little bit suspicious ... (and it happened before that the SDK license ran out ...)

However using USB Network Gate (the non-SDK trial version) the actual sharing works well, so it must be something related to the version that Shadow ships in Alpha + Beta.

It would be great if you could provide updated Alpha and Beta clients where USB sharing works again.