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  • 28 November 2020
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Does an acquisition card work on the shadow ghost ??
To use the shadow as a streaming center for other machines (like consoles f.e.)


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I’ve always heard them called capture cards. So I’m going to assume that’s what you’re talking about.

Any device works on the ghost if your ping is low enough and you can plug it into the blue USB port. However, keep in mind that there is not a little computer inside your ghost. Your computer is hundreds of miles away. So when you plug into that blue USB port, it’s like you’re plugging it into a miles-long cable between you and your computer.

A device that’s intended to send a signal 3 inches to a computer it’s directly plugged into often isn’t built or designed to send that same signal hundreds of miles instead. This is why ping has to be extremely low in order for it to simulate what a local device would act like.

In this case, you would also need a HUGE amount of bandwidth to carry an uncompressed AV signal.

But if you have that low ping and huge bandwidth, then yes, it would work. It is unlikely that you have that much bandwidth though. This isn’t a limitation of the ghost so much as it’s a limitation of your internet connection.