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  • 27 May 2020
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Will we ever get virtualization support and Always on Function? Thsi would be so that we can run emulators like MEMU with bots like Gnbots? 


It also woudl be nice to be abel to leave your shadow on without timeout so you can leave somethgin running and come back to it. Mayeb another level of service or somthing? 

5 replies

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I find it really unlikely

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For the virtualization aspect, the Shadow that you are already using is a virtual machine, so I don't think they want to enable it due to the added slowdown from using a virtualization layer inside of another virtualization layer.

As for the always on, I find it highly unlikely for Shadow to offer it. If you need something that is always on, you could get a VPS from Amazon or Paperspace, but the prices are going to be way higher than the price of Shadow for equivalent specs.


How has your experience been with Android emulators? BlueStacks didn’t work and Nox was very slow and laggy. 


My two cents: 1 Always on: Nope, that is one of the ways Shadow controls how many clients are connected at a time. 2. Virtualization: It would be slow as molasses (you already are one layer of virtualization) but possible. You are not the only one who would like to do development work on a Shadow VM


Tencent gameloop is a decent android emulator that works on shadow.

It also works with ADB, so I can develop with android studio and auto target / debug on gameloop.