Android flickering screen

  • 9 December 2021
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I have put up with the shortcomings as far as using it on the Chromebook. The keys not binding, my inability to use shortcuts, the slow mouse at times that requires me to readjust, the useless scroll button, and I can’t use touch properly. 

But now, since the latest update, it’s flickering at times, making Shadow a paying service that I can’t use properly on a Chromebook, the main reason I got the Chromebook. 

So, is there some way that this is going to get fixed?

Bad enough that Chromebooks are hardly supported, even though there’s a big message about it in the updates. 

4 replies

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Just to update on the situation:


So, the Shadow client is working. Looks like the later updates to ChromeOS have finally stop the flickering problem that is associated with some Android Apps. 

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Sorry that I’m only answering this now, but I decided to use my low-end Windows PC laptop to finally use Shadow, since it works better in Windows than Chromebook.


However, the Chromebook flickering apps to be a Chromebook app issue that is not exclusively related to Shadow. I noticed that Vivaldi Android app on Chromebook also flickers. If you’re interested, I am going to post up a proper bug report. 

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Bug reporting Template:

  • Describe the bug (required)

    • Provide a detailed description of the bug

    • Include screenshots if possible

    • Describe the bug behavior VS. the expected behavior (what should happen if working properly)

  • Steps to reproduce the bug (required)

    • Provide explicit step-by-step actions to recreate the bug.

    • Example:

      • 1. Start Shadow

      • 2. Plug in headset XXX

      • 2. Open the Quick Menu an mic

    • After these steps, does the bug occur 100% of the time? Or sometimes?

  • Application/device, official or beta, and version number (required)

    • Example: Windows official Launcher v4.14.19 Client v3.2.17

  • Additional Context

    • Provide any additional information here

      • Include relevant logs, DxDiag or specs of your computer, connection speed test results, additional screenshots or video, etc.

      • The approximate date/time that go to Microphone tab

      • 3. Try to forward the headsets you first started to notice the bug

      • Any other relevant info that could be useful

      • Copy and paste the template below and fill it out in your post:

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Hello @nukirk 
This issue has been reported in the past already on the Shadow discords. I suggest checking The bug reporting section contains a few bugs that users have experienced, which are reviewed by Shadow. Before creating a new bug report for your issue please make sure that the bug hasn’t been reported already. If so, you can add your details in form of a comment. If the bug hasn’t been reported already please make sure that when creating a post, you use the template provided in that section.