Android TV (Nvidia Shield) - small issues

  • 8 July 2020
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Hey everyone,

I I’m using Shadow on my Nvidia Shield (so basically on Android TV), and have noticed the following issues, where I was wondering if anyone else also experiences them:

  1. I seem to have log into my account every time I use the app (few times per week). This is a bit annoying as it “requires” me to connect a Bluetooth-keyboard to comfortably enter my password.
  2. when selecting the Shutdown and Quit Shadow Option nothing really happens. Neither do I get any feedback whether my Shadow has successfully shut down, nor does the Shadow app Exit. Feedback of any kind would increase the user experience here :)

Have a nice evening!

7 replies

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I experience both of those issues. I don’t think the Android app is quite “mature” enough yet, at least on Android TV. There is also no surround-sound support, which is keeping me from using my preferred platform (Shield TV) for using Shadow. Instead, I’m using a Windows PC HDMI’d in to the TV gear.

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How can i get into the Android Tv Alpha Shadow App?

How can i get into the Android Tv Alpha Shadow App?

Hi HarleySkin,

I‘m not exactly sure what you are referring to. As far as I know there is an official AndroidTV app already. I cannot say if it is compatible with all AndroidTV devices though. For me I was able to simply install it using the Google Play Store. Once done it was helpful to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to my device, so it’s easier to enter username/password. The app itself can be easily controlled with a Bluetooth (Xbox One) Controller, but I think also even with the AndroidTV remote. Maybe this helps?


EDIT: Here is an official guide on how to install the app:

EDIT 2: I did some googling for you and found this: It states you can gain access (no clue in which devices) by joining the respective Discord channel, once you’ve reached a certain rank.

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Ok thx i need it for the Nvidia Shield

Ok thx i need it for the Nvidia Shield

In case that’s a 2019 Nvidia Shield, for me it works perfectly fine using the official app I linked above :)

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Yes i want to test alpha for shield because my wireless headset isnt working


I have the same issues as the OP. Also - I find that using the shortcuts doesn’t seem to work on the Shadow Desktop as it bounces out of the shadow environment and sends me into the Shield menu using my BT K830 keyboard or controller….  It works great gaming, but when I want to change bandwidth or quit if gives me static trying to find the quick menu...